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Our Trustees

Joe Duncan
(appointed 2009)

Paul Duncan
(appointed 1960)

Geoffrey Duncan
(appointed 1997)

Jeannie Warnock
(appointed 1999)

Andrew Greenway
(appointed 2017)

Angelina Greer
(appointed 2009)

Our Purpose

To improve the health and/or quality of life for those suffering from neuromuscular disease.

Of particular concern are those not being supported through mainstream health funding and/or organisations.

Our Mission

That the Sir Thomas & Lady Duncan Trust becomes a potent philanthropic organisation in the field of neuro-muscular disorders by providing funding to:

Assist and relieve persons in New Zealand suffering from neuro-muscular disorders and from the after affects of such disorders

Maintain hospitals, clinics, homes and equipment where persons suffering from neuro-muscular disorders may obtain treatment for their disorder

Assist the work of any institution, society or body of persons in New Zealand engaged in the investigation of neuro-muscular disorders and associated treatments

Contribute towards training persons to undertake the treatment of persons suffering from neuromuscular disorders