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Improving the health and quality
of life for those suffering from
neuro-muscular disorders

The Sir Thomas & Lady Duncan Trust is a charitable
trust based in the Rangitikei, New Zealand.


To improve the health and/or quality of life for those suffering from neuromuscular disease.
Of particular concern are those not being supported through mainstream health funding and/or organisations.


To build on the foundations and heritage of the Trust to make a difference; to be valued by those with neuromuscular disease; and to be recognised by the health and research community for its on-going commitment.


HERITAGE – implement the intent of the settlor in key areas of need within mandate of the Trust Deed.
NICHE – identify niche areas of need where we can make a significant difference as a principal contributor to research or support services.
FAMILY – retaining awareness that people who have cared for family members living with severe need provide ongoing passion and commitment.

Our Mission

That the Sir Thomas & Lady Duncan Trust becomes a potent philanthropic organisation in the field of neuro-muscular disorders by providing funding to:

Assist and relieve persons in New Zealand suffering from neuro-muscular disorders and from the after affects of such disorders

Maintain hospitals, clinics, homes and equipment where persons suffering from neuro-muscular disorders may obtain treatment for their disorder

Assist the work of any institution, society or body of persons in New Zealand engaged in the investigation of neuro-muscular disorders and associated treatments

Contribute towards training persons to undertake the treatment of persons suffering from neuromuscular disorders